Taro Hayashi Name
Taro Hayashi Image
Talent Ultimate Unlucky Student
Name Taro Hayashi
Romanji Hayashi Taro
Status Alive
Fate Unknown

Taro Hayashi is the Ultimate Unlucky Student, and a prior student of the New Hope's Peak Academy. He is the older brother of Keiko Hayashi and he claims that she's responsible for him being invited into New Hope's Peak Academy. This is due to them only finding out about him once his sister was selected through a background check, his unlucky nature being picked up on.


Taro isn't the nicest person around. He tries to use insults and negativity to keep others away from him, believing that he's capable of doing everything by himself. As a result, he works by himself on practically everything, pushing people back whenever they try to help him. His belief that he'll just inflict bad luck onto them, or that he'll suffer an onslaught of unluckiness himself, is responsible for this.


Taro's talents are limited, and similarly to his sister, he is likely one of the most average students at the academy when it comes to abilities.

Ultimate Unlucky StudentEdit

Taro's bad luck primarily influences himself. He's often put down for other's sake through chance, leading to his luck being a roundabout way for others getting lucky.


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Taro has blue eyes and tanned skin, short at the height of 4'7". His hair is dark blue and brushed to the left, spikey and reaching to his neck. He has pink dotted plasters on his left cheek and right shoulder, though it's likely he has more underneath his clothing. He wears a navy blue hoodie that is clearly oversized, revealing his right shoulder and covering his hands as a result. The hood has cat ears and whiskers. The hoodie's strings are completely uneven, only the right one being visible.

The petite boy wears ripped jeans, having multiple bandages around his left knee and one bandage wrapped around the lower half of his legs.


Keiko HayashiEdit

Keiko is Taro's younger sister.

Free Time EventsEdit

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PolyPAD InformationEdit

Taro Hayashi NameTaro Hayashi Sprite
Name Taro Hayashi Team Yang Taro Hayashi Image
Height 4'7"/139cm Likes Cats, Candy
Weight 73.6lb/33.38kg Dislikes Magic, Plasters
Chest 20"/50cm Talent Ultimate Unlucky Student
Blood Type AB Gender Male
Birthday July 13th


  • Taro's design is partially based on a black cat, the most obvious example being his hoodie.
    • This is a reference to the myth that passing a black cat will give you bad luck in the near future, though this doesn't seem to allign with how his bad luck works.
  • Keiko has a similar design to Taro.
    • The most obvious examples are her having hair brushed to one side, having a hoodie and wearing jeans.
    • Contrasting Taro's black cat aesthetic, Keiko takes on the design of a spotted dog. This is evident through her headband and collar, alongside the spots on her hoodie.
    • Furthermore, design is also cleaner - her jeans don't have a single tear, her hoodie fits perfectly and she lacks the need for any plasters or bandages.
  • His birthday being on July the 13th references the fact that in 2018, July the 13th was on a friday.
    • Friday the 13th is commonly associated with bad luck.
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